CMM YACHT SERVICE was born from the great experience of its owner CERVASI MATTEO who has always worked in this industry and has reached top positions as for the technical knowledge of pleasure crafts.

Nowadays CMM Yacht Service has developed remarkable expertise in different branches and offers a wide range of after-sales services to the shipowner: yacht assistance, yacht painting, yacht refitting and second-hand boat sale.

Situated in Italy and on the Riviera, equipped for a wide range of different work, CMM is in a position to adapt itself to all situations intervening both in mooring or at the various holiday destinations of the shipowner, always offering prompt service and solving any problems during the trip.

Over the years CMM Yacht Service has known a stunning growth thanks to its professionalism and prompt assistance; this has been awarded with the Master Service Point prize by the Ferretti Group (Pershing, Itama, Riva, Mochi, Custom Line and Ferretti Yacht) which is specially conceived for top-ranking companies dealing with customer care.

“We want to satisfy our Customers; only in this way we will be satisfied, too. Guaranteeing quality and reliability is our philosophy. We make customers’ dreams and wishes come true putting our staff experience at disposal as well as choosing precious materials, selected details and utmost punctuality”

MATTEO CERVASI, Sole Administrator