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Multisport is an absolutely unique way to have fun in water! Multisport 270 combines excitement, emotion and tranquility of sailing with a compact and versatile boat able to go everywhere.

Multisport 270 can be equipped with an optional kayak kit, thus being used as a stable kayak or a small tender.

Completely redesigned, this compact inflatable boat can be installed in a few minutes and it can be easily converted from sailboat to windsurfer or kayak, or to a towable, hosting up to two people.

Multisport 270 can be also used in many other ways, for example as a raft or as a sun bed. It is perfect to learn to sail or to enjoy a warm sunny day.


multisport 270 aquaglide

Thanks to its wide and stable hull, Multisport is easy to use for everyone, irrespective of age and athletic abilities of the user. Multiport can be inflated in less than 10 minutes and it can be moved into a compact trolley-like storage bag, which easily fits into a camper van or in a car trunk.

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A new version of the popular AIRPORT platform, AIRPORT CLASSIC balances performance and versatility.

Ideal as a floating sun bed and to sunbathe and relax, as a raft to swim and as a launch pad for every water sport, also moored to your boat.

AIRPORT can also be towed with up to three people on board to enjoy the sea adventurously and excitingly.

Mainly created for private use, it can be also brought on a Yacht, or you can find it in hotels, fine tourist resorts and beach resorts.

With its reinforced handles it is easy to bring on board, to be towed and to be carried around.

SOFTPACK is the perfect accessory for AIRPORT CLASSIC! It will provide you with a very comfortable seatback and it has 3 storage compartments to keep drinks cold and objects dry. Its adjustable bands and buckles allow SOFTPACK to be positioned in a few seconds. It can also be used anchored.

The BIMINI TOP, fine adjustable sunshade, can be combined with AIRPORT CLASSIC and SOFTPACK for a total relax. It can be reclined to any height and bended to be stowed.

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