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When it comes to marine sanitation, you simply want to rely on the best quality and expertise. The Tecma macerator toilets, bidets and accessories have proven to be reliable and of high quality. Thetford Marine now offers Tecma HosePlus rubber and HoseHelix PVC sanitation hoses. High quality sanitation hoses which are extremely flexible and give you the perfect odor barrier.


Flexible and very low permeability

The hoses are extremely flexible with a low bend radius to facilitate easy installation, even in tight spaces. Both hose types are reinforced with strong steel wires and offer different level of odor barrier. This way you can select your best choice based on quality and price requirements.
tecma-hoseplus-section-38 tecma-hosehelix-38-section

Tecma HosePlus

The Tecma HosePlus is a high quality butyl odor shield rubber hose with a double wiring steel reinforcement. The quality level is proven by the very low permeability level of less than 1%. That keeps bad smells in the hoses and prevents them to be spread out of the marine sanitation system. Its permeability is 10 times less than SBR or NBR rubber hoses. As known from Thetford Marine, we offer a global service network to serve you anywhere. The Tecma HosePlus comes with a 5-year warranty.

Tecma HoseHelix

The Tecma HoseHelix is a high quality PVC hose with a steel wire reinforcing helix and good flexibility. It is a crush resistant hose. This sanitation hose has an odor shield to limit the spread of odors. The HoseHelix has a white smooth extruded surface.

Good to know

The hoses are based on the great Tecma experience on marine sanitation system. The Tecma HosePlus and HoseHelix are currently available in Ø 38 mm/ 1 ½”ID for sewage systems.


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  • Dalton Bourne ha detto:

    I used this Trident marine sanitation hose on my Hunter 30 head replacement. It was enough hose to complete the project nicely. made a hoseIt looks like a very serious approach to containing waste odors in a marine holding tank system. I was a little nervous about making the necessary bends as the wall is so thick and tough.