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PERSHING 90 – The dream of the owner who is entrusted to CMM Yacht Service was to make the restyled interior of his boat making improvements in several areas: living room, crew cabin, engine room and exterior restyling.

The sofa has been replaced with a more precious custom-built one developed by CMM Yacht Service, as well as the smoking table personalized with the top panel covered in leather, the same used for the sofa.

The chairs of the center table were covered with white leather, making the living room brighter and wider.


Restyling the exterior cushions  and remaking cockpit table. Addition of a table benches which can be opened out to create a sunbed.



Installing the Seakeeper gyroscope into the engine room.


Integration crew cabin with a second bed.



Technologies and personnel at the disposal of the owners, our expert craftsmen making targeted refitting interventions and maximum effectiveness of all components of the boats.

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Tel. +39 0721960511