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CMM Yacht Service offers yacht maintenance and refitting services:
– interior and exterior yacht refitting
– possibility to realize ad hoc conservation interventions on yachts
– yacht painting
– yacht carpentry
– yacht woodworking
– ship mechanical engineering
– electronic works
– plants and motors maintenance works

CMM Yacht Service can provide a wide range of services thanks to its qualified staff, trained in highly specialized departments of the nautical sector.
CMM Yacht Service has a great structure of about 12.000 square meters, 500 of which destined to offices and showroom, with a wide exhibition of materials such as leathers, textiles for furniture, teak, steels, and paint samples.

CMM, moreover, has its own spray booth, which can contain boats up to 115 feet long; we operate reinstatements and painting works for interiors, as well as for exteriors, in order to be able to satisfy our customers’ needs for a total renewal of their yachts.

Relying on an internal department for painting, CMM can develop painting samples and tests to make the shipowner’s choice easier.

Pershing 62, of 2005, had visible spots on the hull and on the deck of the yacht. These flaws had been caused by previous low-quality maintenance, which provoked the skinning of the transparent varnish, due to an overheating in the polishing stage.


From the pictures above you can see on the superstructure of the ship, the spots in which the paint had completely came off.

– Evaluation of the intervention by CMM Project Manager and the technicians, to verify the entity of the works and to plan the working stages.
– Transport of the ship to the shipyard and collocation of the boat into the spray booth.

– Wet-sanding and crack-filling of the boat. This stage removes the imperfections of the surface, which is leveled. After the preparation and the treatment of the surface, we proceeded with the application of the base.

– Yacht painting and polishing

–     Ship Delivery





CMM installed a led lighting system and in the cockpit, making it more comfortable and welcoming.
The painting of Pershing 62 was realized at CMM Yacht Service, within the spray booth containing boats up to 120 feet long.
The original color of the Pershing 62 was white in the deck, black in the band, and silver in the hull.
After some color tests on demonstrative samples, the owner decided to completely change the colors of his ship, choosing to paint the hull and the superstructure in pearl silver, and to make the waterline in red.
Below, you can see some pictures of the different working stages, until the delivery of the yacht.