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The owner is a CMM customer for years, he bought the Pershing 62 about a decade ago and at the end of each summer he turns to us who rely on us for ordinary maintenance.

Last winter when he came to visit us we discussed the limitations of the boat and the new requirements that have emerged in recent years.

Why buy a new boat when you can improve what you have? Here begins the refitting work CMM Yacht Service that will make a Pershing 62 a new yacht, with obvious aesthetic changes, particularly for the salon and the dinette.


The distribution of the interior has been completely transformed in order to make the focal point of the yacht and add value with all the comforts and details as desired by the owner.Entering in this environment it is absorbed by a feeling of brightness and space.Diamond is the color chosen to cover the couch and furniture of the living room, an elegant combination that allows you to create a relaxing day area, very cozy and sophisticated aesthetics.The aesthetic has been integrated with domotics so allow the owner to manage his boat directly from his smartphone or tablet so so we have eliminated the need for multiple remote controls to change TV channel and radio.


The cooking hob has been replaced with a functional and attractive finish in corian, very strong, easy to clean and aesthetically very refined, a perfect combination for the application in the ‘kitchen.

we have installed retractable LED lights that create light scenes.
CMM team has dismantled the old teak in the cockpit and was placed on new teak stave by stave.

The goal of the project was to give comfort to the rooms, functional spaces and renovate the ship plant, enhancing still more the Pershing 62.