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The purpose of the course was to provide CMM Yacht Service with the instruments to improve its work and increase its professional excellence also with the exchange of experiences among those who work in the sector of ship painting every day.

The PPG products are continuously evolving, always proposing new materials and finishing solutions in order to meet with the requirements of the most demanding ship owners; so, the vessel body metal worker is asked to be continuously updated with reference to products, processes and techniques aiming at restoring the ship.

2 training days during which topics concerning the full cycle offered by the company have been dealt with; we started with sanding and primer, then we dealt with painting, glossing and finally retouching. Several application alternatives have been considered in order to understand which product as well as which cycle is suitable according to various situations which may arise.

We would like to thank the PPG technicians for their professional competence and the advice given to CMM Yacht Service: a positive experience both professionally and technically.

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