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At 2013 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and at Amsterdam METS, Raymarine first presented LightHouse II, the new graphic interface for latest generation Raymarine multifunction screens: a-Series, c-Series and e-Series.

Newly projected to guarantee a clear and simple use, LightHouse II offers extremely fluid touchscreen controls and easily accessible navigation information: it is as simple as a smart phone.

Among the new utilities of LightHouse II, Raymarine highlights many others functions:

The multiple sonar support, the Sonar nautical charts support by Navionics, the conversion of Waypoint in GPX format, a new library of colors and symbols for waypoint, offering new research and ordering options, in fact it will be easier to navigate, thanks to a software supporting over 200 waypoint per route, and finally the a-Series utility pitch-to-zoom, which enables you to zoom in the device screen view.



LightHouse II reads the new LightHouse raster and vector charts by Raymarine.

Based on NOAA official hydrographic charts, LightHouse raster and vector charts perfectly integrate with MFD displays by Raymarine.

Thanks to Raymarine sophisticated technology, LightHouse II processor is already prepared to manage the new kinds of charts and the new world geographical areas considered for the future.

LightHouse II also supports the new Navionics charts and the new Sonar charts shareable among users.

For further information download the brochure or visit our website www.raymarine.com