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Itama, from over fourty years makes the history of Italian open yachts in the world, designing and producing real sea jewels, which strike for their essential lines and their perfect sea hold.
CMM Yacht Service counts on such structures and capabilities as to be able to satisfy Itama quality standards for assistance service, promptly replying to assistance requests, with one of the highest competence level in the field. This is the reason why CMM Yacht Service was appointed as Itama Master Service Point.
In Itama Philosophy, the customer’s satisfaction comes at first: who chooses an Itama yacht chooses an exclusive product, and as much exclusive must be the assistance dedicated to the customer, also after the purchase.
If you want to customize your Itama Yacht, if you want to get a new look for your boat, CMM can recommend and perform ideal solutions for your yacht!
Besides being specialized in yacht assistance service, Itama Yacht offers an excellent service for refitting, from the choice of materials and onboard installations, innovative instruments such as home automation, audio and video system and integrated pilot house.
CMM offers a wide range of services and solutions specifically conceived for your Itama yacht:
– Installation of desalination plant and water treatment plant, replacement and maintenance of water plants
– New plants supply and installation, maintenance and restoration of on-board existing plants
– Anti slip material application
– Restoration of water infiltrations
– Calibration of the Itama yacht balance
– Substitution of moquette, leather and textile coaches, curtains and coverings
– Itama Yacht painting
– Itama Yacht transport
To see all the Itama assistance and refitting services provided see also Refitting Yacht and Yacht Assistance.