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Among the advantages of this system also the possibilities to fit it in all space available on your boat according to the design phase requirements even after build.
CMM Yacht Service has installed Seakeeper on one of its Pershing 70 models.
Seakeeper has been designed to have a roll reduction on boats from 70 to 90%. More units can be mounted on bigger boats, arranged in different points of it. Low power consumption is required for Seakeeper; it has no external appendages and can be mounted off the centerline if required. Its computer control as well as the vacuum technology makes of Seakeeper the first really functional modern anti-roll gyroscope.

Here below the different assembling phases of a gyro stabilizer on Pershing 70.As for installation, maintenance, inspection and sea tests of the Seakeeper gyro stabilizers please contact the Service Center and certified partner:
CMM Yacht Service
Tel. +39 0721960511