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Inside the nice location of International Yacht Club in Antibes, CMM organised the first workshop with the main brands of the marine equipment.

Seakeeper, Humphree, Ultramarine, Fluiten e Xenta are the companies chosen for this first appointment.

Paying careful attention to every aspect that may improve their customers’ enjoyment and use of their yacht, some years ago it became the official installer for Seakeeper gyro and for Humphree system interceptor and fin. These systems can be installed on newly built boats as well as on older boats of any size and any hull. Over recent years, there has been increased the demand of stabilisers system, so CMM have been involved on yachts between 18 and 40 meters.

In this particular occasion, Seakeeper attended at the event with his demo boat, Axopar 28′ with installed a Seakeeper 2. With this new model of gyro, the brand has broadened the possibility to satisfy the shipowner of small boats also: specially designed for boats approximately 27-32 feet, the Seakeeper 2 eliminates up to 95% of boat roll.

Important partnership for his service and maintenance works is the collaboration with Fluiten, years of experience within the sector and presents itself as a qualified partner able to tackle technical issues related to non-standard shipbuilding uses of the mechanical seals. Fluiten offers shipbuilding solutions which include different motor-reduction gear system configurations and different shaft sizes. They are suitable for all types of vessels, in addition to the strict technical specifications as established by ship owners and end customers.

All brand aroused great attention: particular interest for Xenta, a complete set of intuitive controls and seamlessly integrated controls to optimize the maneuverability and performance of each boat. Their modular systems can be used either individually or in combination, enabling a captain respectively to improve the boat’s performance and to provide the ultimate, most exciting and stress-free boating experience.

Thanks to our partners for their availability and to our clients for their attendance!

See you next time!

Seakeepr demo boat Humphree interceptor simulatorXenta system simulatorFluiten mechanical seals