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The engine room and the muffler are the heart of a yacht, so it is very important that their whole reinstatement be done to the highest standard, so to allow a perfect efficiency of the plants and a totally safe navigation.
CMM assistance relies on a highly trained technical staff, specialized in the refitting and the maintenance of the engine room and its machinery.
Lately, CMM technicians have operated the reinstatement of an engine room on a Pershing 64, situated in Bodrum, Turkey.

The need for CMM assistance intervention was due to a short-circuit provoked by a defective quay socket, which caused a fire in the engine room and consequently, required the replacement of the muffler.
From the following pictures you can see the state of the muffler before its replacement, as well as the whole engine room, with all the operation the technicians had to do in order to achieve the greatest outcome in the shortest time possible.


yacht assistance turkey pershing 64 (7)
At first the staff from CMM had to dismantle the door of the boat, then they could unload the engines, the power generators, the desalination plant and the air conditioning unit.

yacht assistance turkey pershing 64 (9)

The short-circuit, besides damaging the muffler and make its replacement necessary, blackened the entire engine room and damaged some minor parts which the technicians had to fix on-the-spot.
The sound insulating material covering the whole room was heavily damaged in the accident, and it had to be completely replaced, to guarantee the safety standards required by Ferretti Group and maintain the value of the product.
Below you can see the entity of the damage of the insulation material as the CMM technicians intervened, and the new insulation installed onto the yacht.

yacht assistance turkey pershing 64 (6)

The engine room was dismantled and treated against powders and other agents appeared during the fire, then it was painted with a gel coat, which brought it back to its original condition.


It was only after restoring the engine room and bringing it back to its best condition that we proceeded with the reinstallation of the plants removed and when necessary, fixed.

yacht assistance turkey pershing 64 (10)

The totality of the operations took approximately one month, when CMM assistance worked with the highest concern and professionalism, achieving the best results.
Here are the pictures of the engine room of Pershing 64, perfectly restored and brought back to its safety standards.

yacht assistance turkey pershing 64 (11)

CMM Yacht Service sets no limits to on-the-spot assistance, operating in Italy, Europe and overseas, taking care of any kind of ship, in any moment and in any place.