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It was 1968 when brothers Alessandro and Norberto Ferretti decided to expand the family business, launching the company's first nautical division.
Thus was born what was to become not only the historic brand of the Ferretti Group, but also the concrete expression of Italian nautical intelligence: Ferretti Yachts.
Luxury nautical masterpieces for which we at CMM Yacht Service are official agents.
From the first motor sailers to the subsequent sport fisherman, open and flybridge motor yachts, Ferretti Yachts inaugurated over time a nautical tradition that combined performance, comfort and style, giving rise to some iconic features that would become the trademark of its yachts: a stern platform, tilting windows between the saloon and cockpit and internal passage from the saloon to the flying bridge. Peculiarities, these, that still distinguish the Ferretti Yachts fleet today, consisting of elegant fibreglass flybridges from 45 to 96 feet, produced to meet any sailing requirement.

The new "Explorer-inspired" INFYNITO range, amplifies the sailing experience to the nth degree by introducing sustainable and cutting-edge solutions, making Ferretti Yachts the first Ferretti Group brand with F.S.E.A. (Ferretti Sustainable Enhanced Architecture) technology.


Ferretti Yachts Infynito 90 new

INFYNITO has finally taken shape: INFYNITO 90, the first model in the new range is here, ready to chart a new course and take Ferretti Yachts into the future.

Ferretti Yachts Infynito 80 project

Sustainable approach, extension of covered outdoor areas and continuity between interior and exterior characterize Ferretti Yachts INFYNITO 80.

9 flying bridge models by Ferretti Yachts

The pleasure of pleasure boating has always been at the heart of the design of Ferretti Yachts yachts: an approach that translates into environments with excellent liveability, in which there is a perfect synthesis of style, space and above all practicality, as witnessed by the double helm station, inside and outside.
But it is also the stylistic solutions that make this fleet of flybridges so exclusive: a white hull, classic lines, and interiors embellished with designer furnishings in wood and leather.

Ferretti Yachts 1000

Ferretti Yachts 1000, is a unique experience that excites, from all points of view.

Ferretti Yachts 920

Sumptuous lavishness in the displays that impress with their quantity, enriched by the stylistic features that have been successful over the years and revolutionised...

Ferretti Yachts 860

Ferretti Yachts 860. Power and style come together in a flybridge with dynamic, streamlined lines that catch the eyeo....

Ferretti Yachts 780

Ferretti Yachts 780 provides comfort, style and safety at sea, with exquisite detailing to give all the energy and innovation.

Ferretti Yachts 720

The comforts of home combined with the style of Ferretti Yachts. Ferretti Yachts 720 inaugurates a...

Ferretti Yachts 670

Ferretti Yachts 670 represents the desire to always find the best, from design to mechatronics, in a mix of independence and...

Ferretti Yachts 580

The new Ferretti Yacht 580 flybridge confirms the style of a timeless classic with features ideal for experiencing the...

Ferretti Yachts 500

Ferretti Yachts 500 brings the beauty of the sea in a unique and authentic combination, enhancing the domestic dimension in addition...

Ferretti Yachts 100 SKYDECK NEW

skydeck 1000

With its futuristic design and superior performance, this yacht promises unique excitement and exclusive comfort.

Ferretti Yachts: innovation and performance to sail to new horizons

From the very beginning, Ferretti Yachts has embraced the challenge of innovation, proposing several revolutionary technical solutions for the world of yachting, which have since become true standards to follow. Among these, we need only mention the exclusive ZF Steer Command by Ferretti, which replaces the traditional hydraulic steering system with an electro-hydraulic steer-by-wire active steering system that facilitates manoeuvrability.
Alongside the updating of these innovations, Ferretti Yachts is continuously researching new solutions aimed at making the yachts easier to use and improving on-board comfort. This is why recent models feature all the latest technological excellence, such as the Gi8 and Naviop integrated monitoring systems with centralised control, which allow the yacht's operation to be managed from touch-screen monitors positioned on the helm station. Or the ARG - Anti Rolling Gyro stabiliser, developed for Ferretti by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to reduce boat roll caused by waves by up to 50%.
Ferretti Yachts is also a pioneer when it comes to environmental noise pollution, thanks to the adoption of common-rail engines that guarantee compliance with the noise emission standards established by ISO 14509, as well as improved comfort during navigation and greater safety.
Safety on the other hand is also guaranteed by the same "Design Category A - Ocean" of Ferretti Yachts, which certifies the resistance of the hulls in any seaworthiness condition, as defined by Directive 2013/53/EU.
The desire for innovation has not stopped even in recent times, which have seen a succession of innovations that continue to project Ferretti into the Olympus of the most renowned luxury yachts: from the joystick-assisted mooring system to the interactive Digital Manual, and the Multifunctional Ceiling System, which integrates LED lighting, sound systems and air conditioning.
Honourable mention goes to the award-winning Submersible Hatch technology, the new float-in garage and aft opening system to recreate an exclusive beach club above the water.

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