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The first Flyboard was done in November 2011 by the inventors group, Zapata Racing, a French company whose founder was world champion jet-sky

Is a kit that connects to jet-sky and allows water evolutions through the power supplied from the jet-sky (compatible with all Jet ski models)

It exploits the water power dispensed beneath the toy user's feet and the balance stabilisation takes place through the nozzles applied to the wrists. It is possible to use it without stabilisation arms
It is fast learning; only important issue is to get self-balanced on the device!

You can use the FLYBOARD® in 2 different manners:
The first manner requests two persons: the 1st drives the jet ski and the 2nd one uses the FLYBOARD®. This version allows for a quicker learning process and for great movement freedom in compliance with the feet incline.
ATTENTION: this version is compulsory for public rentals.

The second manner of use, for sure the most performing and advisable one in terms of feelings enjoyed, is meant for a single use and allows better precision and flight stability. The person on the FLYBOARD® directly manages, through a joystick, the jet ski itself, which follows the FLYBOARD® in its path.

Its intuitive use will offer exceptional sensations: after a few minutes training, it is possible to swim underwater as a dolphin and challenge the gravity laws asWonderman!
The nozzles beneath the feet guarantee 90% of the propulsion and allow for a movement which depends both on the feet incline and the use of the nozzles applied to the wrist, necessary to guarantee the personal balance. These nozzles are optional
As beforehand anticipated, the FLYBOARD® is very intuitive: it is just like learning to walk. After finding the individual self-balance, the FLYBOARD® pilot will be able to carry out any kind of evolution, both taking off the water and diving into it.