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Mondolfo 18 November 2016 - In an increasingly competitive and constantly changing market, the ability to react quickly with professionalism and dynamism to the demands of consumers is essential in the world of pleasure boating. CMM Yacht Service fully represents an important entrepreneurial reality in the Marche region in the after-sales service sector.

The CMM adventure begins in 2004, when Matteo Cervasi decides to found a company specialised in assistance and refitting of pleasure boats that in a few years has grown both in terms of personnel and professionalism.

The company has been recognised as a Master Service point for the Ferretti group (Pershing, Itama, Riva, Mochi Craft, Custom Line), yet another confirmation of the competence and professionalism of CMM technicians.

Since 2004 she has dealt with maintenance and refitting of countless yachts and mega yachts on which various types of important work have been carried out, such as painting, furniture making, plant and engine maintenance and verification of on-board electronics.

CMM Yacht Service offers a complete service to boat owners at the Mondolfo Adriatic site and in the Tyrrhenian Sea at the Torre Annunziata facility. In recent years it has had a full expansion allowing it to carry out important work also on foreign territory, last year the first office on the French Riviera was opened in the city of Antibes; this first "showcase" will be followed in the coming years by the opening of other offices.

CMM is constantly looking for qualified personnel and new ideas to innovate and differentiate themselves on the recreational boating market. Currently looking for specialised people in the nautical sector. The ideal candidates are technicians with excellent problem solving skills, dynamic, who have a good familiarity with work tools and who are available to travel in Italy and abroad even of long duration. If interested write to curriculum@cmmyachtservice.com.

"We want to satisfy our customers, because only then will we also be satisfied. Our philosophy is to always guarantee quality and reliability. We need to increase the staff available to customers, as we have continuous requests in Italy, but above all abroad for competent people to carry out important work.

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