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20 Years of Passion and Success: The Story of CMM Yacht Service


From a dream to a reality: this is what CMM stands for.


Yacht Service on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. Founded by visionary Matteo Cervasi, a mechanical enthusiast from an early age, the company has been able to grow and establish itself as a benchmark in the world of luxury yachts.

The story of CMM Yacht Service begins with Matteo's passion for the sea and mechanics, a passion passed down from his father since childhood. Growing up in an environment where hard work and dedication were core values, Matteo decided to follow his passions and pursue a career in the marine industry.

His early experiences in the industry led him to work on

as a technician for one of the most prestigious companies in the industry, Pershing. It was here that Matteo honed his skills, learning about boats in depth and solving the most complex problems with mastery and determination.

As the years went by, Matthew nurtured the dream of creating his own company, a company that would offer comprehensive, high-quality service in the luxury boat industry. In 2004, this dream became a reality with the founding of CMM Yacht Service.

Today, CMM Yacht Service is more than just a company: it is a benchmark in the industry, renowned for its expertise, reliability and impeccable service. We are Service Specialists for

the Ferretti Group, working with them on boats globally.

CMM stands for excellence in three main areas: refit, service and brokerage. We offer our clients tailored solutions, ensuring that every aspect of their experience with us is flawless, from initial consultation to final delivery.

Yacht Painting - CMM Yacht Service

In addition, we are proud to be the official agent of Italian Yacht Store, offering our customers access to a wide range of luxury boats and related services.

Since its inception in Mondolfo, CMM Yacht Service has expanded its presence in the industry, also establishing a key office in Antibes, the heart of luxury yachting in Europe. Looking to the future, we are further expanding our network with the imminent opening of a new office in La Spezia, which will allow us to offer an even more comprehensive service close to our clients.

In these 20 years of operation, we have faced challenges, overcome obstacles, and celebrated many successes. Most importantly, we have been privileged to serve an exceptional clientele, sharing with them a passion for the sea and for luxury boats.

Looking to the future, we will continue to lead the industry with innovation, creativity and dedication. We thank everyone who has contributed to our success and look forward to navigating together to new horizons of success and satisfaction.

Thank you for these wonderful 20 years, and for many more to come!

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