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Key elements of the collaboration between CMM Yacht Service -a company specialized in yacht refit and service- & Felah Denizcilik -a naval architect studio specialized in design- is the particular need of the Turkish market, which has required for years projects and refitting works of excellent quality.

An ideal combination able to give an original print to both interiors and exteriors, choosing together with designers Felah Denizcilik a series of decor solutions customized and tailored by a team of cabinet-makers and technical experts.

“We are particularly pleased with this collaboration, says Matteo Cervasi, CMM Yacht Service CEO, because it confirms the attention this country pays to our services. For over 10 years we have worked in Turkey with our assistance and refitting service”

CMM Yacht Service and Felah Denizcilik engage in any refitting process, such as structural modifications, interior design, hull and deck painting, furnishings restyling, plumbing and mechanical works, improvement of sailing and communication equipment, installation of new audio-video systems and much more.

This design studio follows the shipowner all along the process of customization, creating renderings that help the customer in the choice of the best solution for his craft, arranging the different steps of the work in perfect synergy with CMM Yacht Service.


Pershing 80 is a luxury yacht of 24 meters. It was made in 2008 in the yard of Mondolfo and it has recently undergone a major refit work.



The boat, which originally was white, was completely repainted in silver, moreover new teak decks were installed.





The kitchen was renewed, not in terms of layout, but in the equipment, which was improved.

The lighting system was redesigned and installed employing only LED lights, both in the cockpit and in the sidewalks.

Even for safety and comfort on board equipment we dealt with several innovative home-automation devices, and other new generation solutions, such as the boat monitoring and control systems.



The 24-meter-long yacht  was enriched with a second cockpit on the deck.

During the design phase, the owner of the Pershing 90 was attended to by Asli Felah who provided the most appropriate solutions for the integration of the skipper’s station.

The CMM Yacht Service staff was committed the operational phase: dismantling the basin, installing  the new console with the relevant levers and accessories.

The project of the whole intervention was conceived as not to make the complex visible from the outside, so as not to weigh down the typical “slender” silhouette of Pershing yachts.




Photo: Installation of new console and accessories


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