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CMM Yacht Service, in collaboration with SatElite General Agency by AXA Corporate Solutions, a company specialized in pleasure boating insurance policies, offers its customers a special product range by AXA YACHTING SOLUTIONS, with particularly favorable premiums and contract provisions, covering the boat, the shipowner and his guests.

Unlike the common policies, these products allow a fast and secure understanding of the covered risks.

SatElite provides CMM’s clients with the following services, in order to guarantee a complete, exclusive and customized offer:

  • Analysis of the boat insurance coverage status for yacht liability insurance and hull insurance;
  • Analysis of the insurance coverage status of the crew;
  • Analysis of the insurance coverage status of other transported people;
  • Predisposition for boat-storage and refit coverage;
  • Release and management of insurance contracts;
  • Filing and managements of claims;
  • Management of expert’s interventions following the claim, and loss settlements;

In case of accident, SatElite guarantees, in partnership with CMM technicians, an easy and fast settlement, with ever-present experts to assist you from the first steps following the accident until the last stages. Such a high-range product line will allow you to live your passion for boating with the highest tranquility.

“We are glad to cooperate with SatElite, AXA Corporate Solutions’ general agency. This partnership takes its place in our wider strategy aiming at providing our customers with global and comprehensive solutions. Our partnership with SatElite, acting on behalf of AXA Corporate Solutions, offers important advantages to the insured customers, who can benefit from our favourable policy terms and who can rely on exclusive, customizable services, specifically ideated for any individual need” Matteo Cervasi, CEO, CMM Yacht Service.